Disputes & Payment Issues

Construction Disputes, Payment Problems, Delay Claims, Damages Claims

We have a great deal of experience in claim preparation and defence, delay analysis and can expertly quide you through any of the below areas:

  • Quantum and disruption claims
  • Dispute avoidance
  • Delay Claims
  • Contractual advice and reviews
  • As built programming & delay analysis
  • Mediation
  • Adjudication

Construction is notorious for an industry where contracts are poorly formed, have onerous conditions, and due to the nature of construction is prone to over-runs, change and the like with corresponding additional costs and liabilities inevitably flowing from this. We’re on your side. We are currently assisting many companies that are suffering at the hands of some main contractor’s often somewhat questionable bullying tactics and have an excellent track record of significantly reducing the value, or even eliminating claims against subcontractors. We are also extremely experienced in structural steelwork and in the steelwork sector we have worked with Atlas Ward Structures, Bowmer & Kirkland Fabrications, DAM Structures and Briton Fabricators. We provide contractual and cost effective solutions without the expense of lawyers and the like for companies looking to recover loss and expense or damages or defend themselves from litigous behaviour. Like it or not disputes over contracts in the building, engineering and construction industry are fast becoming common place in business today.